Friday, June 27, 2008

Germany or Spain?

Last night, there was a gathering at Mak Ngah's house in Puchong. Pak Teh treat us all to Ken.ny Rogers. My whole family including Abang's family were there. I wish Mak Lang's family was there too tapi they are all in Kelantan, Aliff in Sabah kut. I didn't ask. But Mak Ngah's family takde, ada Pak Ngah je and their grandson Sobri. Both Baya and Haiza are pregnant and tengah mabuk and they didn't come. Kalau mabuk, tak larat jumpa org ye? Mana lah aku tahu, aku belum pregnant lagi. :) Albi & Shazeri weren't around too, keje kut.

Afiqah and Mama, picture taken on the day she got 9As

The gathering was sort of a celebration of Afiqah registering this Saturday in UiT.M for Medic. She being the only child in the family, I could understand the parent's emotion. I'm wishing the best for her. May she graduate with flying colors. Tiyah and me pesan suruh dia bawa kain dalam coz both of us pernah attend MSR in UiT.M and knew a thing or two. Aku pun kena denda time MSR sbb tak pakai and had to dongak and tunjuk matahari for a good 5 minutes luar dewan PPP dulu under hot scorching sun with few others. Ahhhh, memories. And I did pesan to her "Study, study gak, tapi enjoy your student life". Teringat zaman study dulu when life wasn't so complicated :). 13 years of friendship eh? 1995 to 2008.

So, it's Germany vs Spain la Monday morning kan? Awat la tak nak match on Saturday night (Sunday morning) so that after the match I can sleep the whole day. Aduih.

Updated 9.25AM

I woke up today at 8.30AM. Kelam kabut bersiap. Haihhh, belum confirm dah dtg lambat keje. What an impression. Arrived office at 8.50am. Muka bersalah ok? Tapi ramai not around, either having breakfast or not at their desk. So, kurang sket la rasa malu tu. Tapi tetap rasa guilty and no matter what, it will be clocked that I came late..tsk tskk... ko punya pasal la ni EURO!! Hehehhehheeh.

Have a nice weekend people!


pijah said...

nice collection of pictures! rajin ko simpan gambar eh.. 13 years! wow!

Amy said...

Tu la, dulu rajin tangkap gambar and I scanned these in 2006 I think. Yeah, 13 years and bitter sweet memories. Pijah, bila nak jumpa??? Zied suruh aku organiza gathering TEKBES :)

shell said...

eh aku pun nak ikut tau.. cause sejak dapat anak ni my teks is best :P

Amy said...

Shell- Keh keh ayat hampeh. Sure, aku kena pikir dulu weekend mana yg sesuai ni..

Nomee said...

Aku tau la aku tak pernah gi gathering tu (walau sudah di sms Amy)- tapi nko jgn serik ajak aku lagi...

Geli geleman lak aku tengok gambar aku dolu-dolu!

U.Lee said...

Hello Amy, very happy you dropped by my place, lagi pun nak jadi engaged, ha ha, I mean a link to my place. Boleh, terima kaseh seribu la for the honour.
Aha! You love football, huh?
Me too, but da missed as had visitors, cheeee! Wrong time dapat visitors, ha ha.
So Spain da goreng bungkus Russia.

But one ice coffee, empat plain donuts, Germany will goreng Spain, ha ha.
You like Kenny Rogers? Ahhh, any friend of Kenny Rogers, my friend also, ha ha..I love to hear his rusty voice singing..."Lady" one of my favourites.
You stay easy and have a nice weekend, Lee.

Amy said...

Nomee - Ler aku ajak je..saper leh dtg ok jek. Paham org ada anak kecik, jauh plak kan? But you were there apa masa kita jumpa geng2 Shah Alam. Should do that again soon too, coz I need to return Julie's books. Awal tahun hari tu adala cuba2 nak jumpa diaorg time aku cuti tapi diaorg ada hal. Dah keje tempat baru ni susah sket la nak cuti Nomee. I hope soon.

Uncle Lee - Hhahaha, I like your bet. One ice coffee and 4 plain donuts, I like! Ye ke? Me think so too although deep down inside I would love to see Germany lost out of sweet revenge hehehhe. Marah my friends yg jadik supporter Germany ni :). I can't wait for the game so that I can sleep like normal again. And all the bad junk food taken during matches :). Paling teruk today la sampai bangun 8.30am.. reached office almost 9am, I've never been this late to reach office throughtout my working career. Very bad. You have a nice weekend too Uncle Lee.

Amy said...

Banyaknya typo dlm comment aku nih? *sigh* keyboard ni..

Zetty said...

*still kesat air mata*

Azrul said...

rindu ah kat PPP. memang best ah zaman tuh

Amy said...

Zetty - Ha, tau takpe. Aku dulu masa Brazil kalah dgn France dlm world cup, aku siap nangis tau! Semalam Spain mmg deserved to win la beb. Hik hik jgn sedih2 ok

Azrul - Yup, one of the best times in my life, errr except for the part yg tak dapek fly tu la :)