Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adam is 3 years old!

Happy birthday my dear Adam Irfan... Angah love you so muchh!!

He's 3 years old today. I could only call him tonight as during the day he's at the nursery. He was at his grandparent's house. It's been a week plus since I last saw him after they have moved and of course I missed him so much! I had tears in my eyes when I was chatting with Intan thru ym yesterday asking about Adam and Akif. So, when I called him today, ingat ke boleh le borak lama sket. You know what he said?

Angah, Adam nak bacalah. Bye. *klik*

Eh? Rupanya Uwan dia tengah ngaji. So, dia nak join sekali and he memang refer to ngaji as 'baca' coz he saw it as an act of reading. Sabo jek aku. Intan said they will be coming this Saturday. I hope to see the boys then. Harap sangat keje tak banyak this Saturday and I get to be home early.

So, it's been a while kan. I'm not too sure why. No particular reason la. And of course when I feel like updating, today birthday Adam that naturally has to come first la kan? Let's see. Work, yeah has been quite hectic these past two weeks. Now that the exam season is over (phewww), it's time for the result release plak. Insyallah, it will end this weekend. I owe a visit to a friend who had given birth last month, owe some friends a meet up and etc.

Coincidentally, B was also quite busy at work this month. I lost count on how many times I've sulked (drama queen kan? ) coz he came back late. Last night got to be the worst, I fell asleep around 11pm -ish to wake up at 1am and realizing he's not back yet. I was more worried than angry. Called him and he's on his way back, dok ada kat highway. *sigh* This week has been 'hi hi bye bye' je. He came back when I was fast asleep, cuddled and ZZzzz. Then woke up in the morning, gets ready when I was still sleeping (I normally wakes up at 8am nowadays :P), kissed me and off to work. He knows I'm frustrated and it doesn't help that both of us are working during weekends for 3 consecutive weeks already.

He called and informed me he won't be back tonight with a little assurance 'Malam ni last. Besok siap la semua keje. Tak balik lambat (sangat) dah' And he knows just the right sentence to make me smile again - "Awak book la movie. Malam Sabtu kita tengok wayang ok?" :))

What else? Mmm I think I've adapt to the new work. No doubt it's a new challenge. Although same industry, tapi working system ada beza sket. Pe'el lain sket. Ada yg tanya "Nyesal tak move from previous company?". My answer? Tak langsung. Some are surprised when I say the pressure is nothing compared to my previous work. Bukan riak. Ada pros and cons. But the pressure here for me is 'manageable'. And I like the fact that I'm able to control my mind and not to think about work once I left the office. And I am much happier now. Alhamdulillah. And I like the environment, I like my team. Keyword here is 'I am happier' :)

Talking about environment, I really like the surrounding area. Not sure about Marina though :P. Maybe because this is where I grew up, so I feel 'attached' to this wonderful place called KJ. I could have lunch at below RM5. Sometimes lunch and dessert! Some said food in KJ is expensive but I think it's cheap. Kalau rasa nak makan below RM10 pun, still ada tempat yg best. Kalau tak busy, I will normally enjoy my 1 hour lunch, and 2 hours lunch on Friday. Convenience shop is just a walk away, nak beli kerepek ke, buah ke, goreng pisang ke, assam ke. And, there's this little cafe for the H*tel students for training, they made nice cheesecake for rm4.50 a slice, sangat yummyyy. Ada 2 cafe sebenarnya, satu for western delights & desserts and satu lagi like a restaurant for lunch. Kat restaurant ni, it's Rm4.50 for lunch inclusive of drinks yg bleh refill. Gila cheap kan. Menu dia most of the time is chicken rice, or mee soup or nasi campur or nasi tomato. Sedappp plak tu. Imagine, nasi, chicken + ikan + sayur + drink is below RM5.
I bought this lasagna for RM4.50 kat kedai western & dessert dia. Portion dia punya la besar (I would rather share with another person), and very generous with the meat and sangat sedap nak banding dgn cafe2 mahal lain. Turun je lift office, belok kiri, jalan 4 step, dah sampai cafe. So, sangat 'bahaya'! Hehhehe.

Aku ni asyik citer pasal makanan jek kan? Makin membelon la. Started to fast today, ganti posa. Dah lewat baru nak start..hmmph. Ada lagi 7 days to ganti. Korang dah? :)

So, I have nothing to complain so far except for the post-menstrual pimples. One on my chin, one right smack on the nose (takde la tempat lain) and one on the forehead. Thanks to Oxy, I hope it will dissappear soon.

Have a nice weekend!


Arena said...

Lasagna for 4.50, that's cheap babe.. iyer, aku jua suke citer pasal makan, hence explaining my body.. hahhahah..


konot said...

baru la nampak apdate.. skalik dgn gambo makanan plak tuh... cetttt

U.Lee said...

Hi Amy, happy birthday to your Adam.
Your interesting description of KJ brings to time, it was old rubber estates, disused tin mines...used to go sometimes for adrive on the then deserted roads...and today when I look at Google map and do a close up...I have a neice and SIL staying thereabouts....I only see house, apartments where once rubber estates, cows used to roam.

My last trip balek kampong was in 2002, and my next trip, I guess things will have changed beyond my recognition, ha ha.
I sure miss nasi champor, ha ha,.
You have a great weekend, Lee.

Mas Rahim said...

amy, kat mana jual lasagna tu?nanti leh bwk aku pi..aku kan xjauh dari situ heheheh haa tpt aku, sect 14 tu kan..kat food court pasar tu,aku rasa still murah gakle..aku selalu ambik ayam n sayur, kakak tu still charge aku rm3.50...murah kan?hehheh or maybe dah biasa kot;-)

Nomee said...

Ha... at last an update! Happy to hear that you are happier kat tempat baru - really. Ni la yang buat aku feels motivated to look for a new place ni.

Dan seperti biasa gambar & citer makanan kat blog nko ni buat aku lapar! Cit!

Z.Y. said...

aku salu gi giant besar tu and lalu unitar masa nak balik.. tak nampak pon cafe ko ckp tu? kat mana eh? ko buat aku nak try plak hehe

aku pon ada POST-menstrual zits, tapi dia tak kuar lagi.. sumer kat dlm lagi tapi bila tekan dah rasa sakit la.. aiyohhh menci tul..

Amy said...

Che Na - Tu la..tak citer pasal makan tak sah..tapi kan, I bet your lasagna taste better than this cafe's one la. Home made you take orders tak? :P

Konot - Yer, update seterusnya pun ada gambo makanan. 'Khas' untuk org2 berpantang :P *hugs*

Uncle Lee - Hahahha..some friends teased me coz I went to 'bekas lombong' school. Right infront my school was actually a dumpster area before it was turned to LDP highway :). KJ has changed a lot. A friend of my father said this when he learnt about my father buying a house in KJ nearly 30 years ago "Buat apa beli rumah kat situ? Kawasan tak bagus" and look at it now :). I'm sure he regretted saying that knowing what's the value of the houses in KJ now!

Kod - Bleh je but kena datang office hour..5.30pm dia dah tutup. RM3.50 kira murah beb. Aku pun selalunya dlm Rm4.50.. sentiasa di bawah RM5 la..

Nomee - Tak cuba tak tahu beb. There's no harm in trying kan? Nanti post lepas ni pun ada gambar makanan...ampunnn!

Zied - It's right opposite Old T.own wh.ite coffee near my workplace tu. Cafe tu takde nama pun..coz it's a training cafe for hotel students. U won;t miss it once u are infront of oldtown. But must come office hour la.. my zits dah all gone. I love Oxy :)

Azrul said...

ala....pimple cikit2 je nak risau....
tengok cam aku rilek jer...eheheh...
anyways....apsal ko suka carik kerja yg kena kerja on weekends eh?....
kalo aku dah demotivate dah kene kerja on saturdays

Amy said...

Azrul - Walaupun sket it is too obvious, one of the disadvantages of people with fair complexion. Parut sket je dah nampak dari jauh. :) Nak buek camno, dah nature of work camtu. But believe me,I'm happier now :)).