Monday, July 07, 2008

Busy as a bee

The past one week has been quite busy. Oh yes, busy with work too... major exam season ;p.

Been busy with my family. MIL was in KL, went to BIL's house on Wednesday night for dinner. Aishah, B's niece is fast growing up. Seronok layan dia. And on Thursday night MIL came over to our house for dinner. Mama prepared dinner as I was only home at 7pm. I had prepared dessert the night before knowing that I wouldn't be able to come home early. I prepared cream caramel and mango instant yoghurt. It's been a while since the last time I made that. Brought some to my office for my dept. They are full of praises :).
Friday night, Abang's family spent the night at our house as the family is moving out to KL on Saturday. They have moved nearer to Intan's workplace which is great but at the same time, we feel kinda sad that we wouldn't be able to visit them as often as when they were here in KJ. I'm missing the boys :(. I was working on Saturday and could only help on Sunday. Nevertheless, I had fun spending time with Adam & Akif. Akif is of course clinging for his dear life to his Mom, pantang tak nampak muka mak dia, nangis. Nak tumbuh gigi, so he's a bit moody. Sunday, Mama made pulut kukus for breakfast. Perlis style, it's eaten with coconut and ikan kering. I prepared marinated fried chicken as I'm not a fan of pulut kukus with coconut, but i like pulut ayam :)

Tonight, we had dinner with Ina, B's youngest sister. She's going back to U.MS Sab.ah tomorrow evening after spending about 1 1/2 months of her semester break in Ku.antan. B will be taking half day off tomorrow to send her to the airport. I could not afford even a half day at the moment, busy,busy. But I'm fast accumulating replacement leaves :). There were a plan for an outstation task in P.enang but I'm only on standby. Most prolly, I wouldn't need to go.

So, later. Adios.


U.Lee said...

Hello Amy, ada lagi ikan goreng tu? Sedap tengok tu. Dapat the lovely scent disini, ha ha.
Wow, Kukus Perlis style? Nasi lemak, laksa Perlis saya da makan. Ahhh, ini saya belum try lagi. Ada lagi? I datang boleh? Ha ha.
Pulut ayam? Betul kena torture ni read and see your dishes...ha ha.
Women like you and your mom don't grow on trees...both fantastic gourmet cooks.
Come to think of it, I never met a Malay lady who can't cook.
Amy, happy cooking to you, and you have a great week, Lee.

Amy said...

Uncle Lee - Dah licin.:) Aiyoo Uncle Lee, I'm not a good cook la. Far from good. My mom is :). You have a great week Uncle Lee.

Zetty said...

aku wonder la, bila kah makanan2 tu semua will make its way to cyberjaya?

Amy said...

Zets - Hehehhe..aku malu la. Bukan sedap mana pun..kang ko punya expectation tinggi, keciwa plak dgn cream caramel yg tak seberapa tu! :P