Friday, July 04, 2008

A crybaby at (almost) 31

I'm such a crybaby..

B told me yesterday to pack his work uniform for Saturday as he will be spending the night in Klang tonight due to work and I was fine with it.

I was quite busy today. He called me before Friday prayers but I could only sms-ed and told him I'm in a meeting. I called him at 3pm but he was charging the phone and didn't answer. And I sms-ed him again to let him know I can only talk to him after work as I need to attend an important briefing. Not hearing his voice for 10 hours, I broke down when I finally got to speak to him over the phone. Told him I miss him. But you know la this species called Zul, takde perasaan :), he just laughed it off as he thought I was just teasing him and to trick his mind to come home today. Lagi la banjir kan? Orang cakap betul2 dia ingat main2 plak.

Really, I miss him. Tah kenapa aku emotional sangat ni? I blame it on my PMS. Mesti hati dia kembang berbunga2 bila tahu bini dia rindu kat dia. Perasan. Dah kahwin 5 tahun pun rindu-rinduan lagi. Sampai umur berapa nak rasa rindu macam ni? Sampai tua kut, aku tengok Ayah aku kalau Mama aku takde pun macam tu je. Takde la nangis macam aku kan, he never said verbally he misses Mama, but I can see from the way he act, macam serba tak kena and constantly call/sms Mama.

Wah, 'letih' la macam ni :)


neomesuff said... le cry..ckp kat dia ni betul betul ni bukan cobaannn hehehheee

Chill! dear mmmwahhhxxx

myheartbleeds said...

Now...when you stop missing each other that's when you need to worry...

For now, 'enjoy' missing him ;-)

Amy said...

Kak Nomee - Heehheh saya ni ngada sket.

Myheartbleeds - yup, i know what you mean. *hugs*

aishah badaruddin said...

hihihi ape la.. tapi sweet.

Amy said...

Aishah - takde la sweet mana. ngengada je lebih :P

Inn said...

well.. i agree ngan aishah. i think it's shweet!!!!

Roti Kacang Merah said...

memang semua Zul macam ni, kot. hmph!