Thursday, August 28, 2008

Selamat Berpuasa

Second update in a week, not bad eh?

Need to fork out extra money this month as the house developer requested deposit for electricity and water for the house..yikes, kena berjimat cermat. Nasib baik nak masuk bulan puasa dah. And this means betulla rumah nak siap dah, and bila rumah dah siap, lagi la banyak kena start bayar., money, money $$$$

Managed to get half day yesterday as the work event was in the morning. Kul 1pm cabut balik rumah, bersiap and only managed to arrive at the bowling alley by 2.45pm. Hubby was calling non-stop in fear of me missing the game. Tu la, sapa suruh beli J.CO dulu :P dia yg nak ok, bukan I. I plak only bought half a dozen for both of us, end up kawan2 office dia serbu. Kalau tahu, I might as well buy a dozen, kasik kenduri sket.

The office used up 25 lanes I think with about 5 players in each lane. He was just about to finish his first game when I arrived and score pun tak baper. He sat with me throughout the second game and asyik kena teased by his colleagues. He performed much better during the second game with only 2 open slots I think, the rest either strike or spare. I would like to think that he performed much better coz I was there to give him support. Hahhaha perasan! And boleh dak they only played two games? Apa la, usually tournament sure 3 games. So after two games, I went back as segan duduk lama coz the office provided food and I don't want them to feel uncomfortable with me there.

B called up about an hour after I left to inform that he got a second place. Happy :)..but regretted for not staying there to watch him being announced the second place winner

(Pictures will be updated later today..ehehe malas)

Dapat la Jusco voucher, bukannya banyak pun...jadi la :P

Yesterday, big boss belanja makan steamboat...sedapp.

Since this might be my last post before puasa, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my readers (if any!) Selamat Berpuasa. Moga puasa kita diterima-Nya..AMIN. It's going to be a long weekend eh? Enjoy the holiday, Selamat Merdeka and drive carefully if you are travelling. I leave you with the Petr*nas ad that I told you in my last post.

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aisha said...

Kak Amy,, selamat berposa also.. hehehe.. dak jumpa2 la kita ni jawab nyer... well, take care yaa!! if terasa2 nak berbuka puasa bersama2 ckp la ek..

Anonymous said...

Selamat berpuasa to you too babe.. take care..


Amy said...

Sha - Tu la...I'm so sorry la dek. Next weekend tak balik Kuantan? Akak jaga exam.. tengok la some other weekend yg Abg Zul keje, kita gi buka posa sama2 eh?

Che Na - Thanks beb

aishah said...

selamat berpuasa to u too amy.. mcm sekejap je dah setahun.. tapi seronok.. ramadhan datang lagi

Mas Rahim said...

Selamat Berpuasa buddy!

Amy said...

Kod, thanks

neomesuff said...

selamat 2u2..makan steambot katner??

Amy said...

Kak Nomee - Steamboat near my office in Kelana Jaya :)