Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Injuries and such..

I seriously think I have to insure my legs. Left leg in 1995, during PPP's orientation week, I was in Perth for a holiday with my family. Dah pegi jauh2, main badminton plak and sprained my ankle (masa tu I didn't know that by playing badminton I can get Datuksh*p and RM3K fixed retirement allowance..if only I knew kan :P). I went for the orientation only on the last two days, running around with a blue-black left ankle. Never went for a proper massage session and until now, the left ankle senang terpeleot gitu walaupun on a clear path. Right leg, February 2007, got 5 stitches and an ugly scar on the tumit.

Just last Thursday, injured my leg again. See the picture in previous post where B was playing with Adam? Those exact blocks/logos yg buat aku injured. I was about to dukung Akif when Adam came and demanded I dukung him, so Akif on the left and Adam on my right. As I was about to get up to dukung both of them, I lost my balance and fell on the block/legos, knees first. And my left knee knocked (hard) on the blocks/legos. Luckily I didn't lose my grip on the two botak boys. Terasa la sakit time tu but I just ignore. Once I put them down, selak and see my knee cap (updated) it was bleeding. Shit. Masa tu baru rasa sakit, and bila mandi, and bila sembahyang, wallaaa!!

Next day, my sis Atiyah fell on the stairs at the office during one event and she had blue black marks on both hands and both legs..sheeshh. Apasal ni??! :)

Went for bowling on Saturday morning with B. Dia nak practice for his tournament
which is tomorrow, which I might not be able to go due to work commitment. Aiyakk. And my score just became worst and worst bila dah lama tak main.
2nd game score

3rd game score

We decided to have lunch
in one of the stalls in Sunway, tempat selalu dating dulu when both of us were still working shift hours. I used to work in Sunway Max*s where my shift hours is fixed to 3pm - 12 am and dia plak rotation 7am-3pm,3pm-11pm,11pm-7am. So, we normally have lunch together before I start work, when he is on the 3-11pm shift. He will then send me to work as his office is only 15 mins drive away. He will pick me up at midnight and we'll go ngeteh with friends in SS15. Even kalau kitaorg pegi makan lepas kahwin pun, makcik tu still recognize us. Ahh, memories :) those wore the moments when 'aku,kau' became 'saya,awak' and then 'sayang,B' ...owh bleh puke sekarang :P

I'm looking forward to end of this week, an old friend from PPP will be coming to KL all the way from Sarawak. Any potential for all the N03 members to meet for a litle reunion? Aku le kena organize as always kan, but I doubt that I can gather them all considering this is going to be a long weekend, with merdeka holiday and puasa on Monday..ah, we'll see.

Ex-colleague pun ada organize makan2 with other ex-colleagues this Friday, an uncle's house warming/welcome fasting month event on Saturday..full of makan-makan agenda this weekend :).

Have you watched the latest Petr*nas ad on TV for Merdeka? Sedih ok, brilliant ad. Aku mmg suka iklan Petr*nas be it Raya or Merdeka.

Ok, that's all for now.


Azrul said...

baru aku tau ko ponteng orientation ye....
sungguh la tak acinya....
ni takleh ngaku adp3 nih....

anyways, aku rasa it should be knee cap instead of knee scalp :)

Happy Merdeka Day!

myheartbleeds said...

hope your kepala lutut get well soon :-)

and selamat menyambut Ramadhan...

Amy said...

Azrul - Aler...aku datang gak orientation 2 hari. Ayah aku ada meeting kat Sydney masa tu, and terus book ticket and meet us in Perth. Aku dapat panggilan masuk PPP pun pakai telegram je tau? Received it one week before patut gi Perth, aku dgn mak aku terpaksala pegi MARA (dengan ayah aku takde, oustation) minta budi bicara pegawai MARA to escape the orientation since we have book everything. Nasib baik they are ok with it :P.
Keh keh mekasih betulkan aku punya ayat...tu la dia bila update blog kul 3am keh keh..

Myheartbleeds - Thanks beb. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan to you too *big hug*