Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's 20082008 and it's time to update..

20082008 cun kan date? I doubt anybody will get married today as it's the middle of the week..

Hari ni dengar kata LRT P.utra rosak, ramai reach office after 9.30am, last month pun camni. I've not been driving for quite some time, terasa kekok lak bila drive. :)

Nothing much, had dinner-gelak-ketawa session in KL last Friday night. Bila dah lama tak drive, agak cuak drive masuk KL 6pm dlm traffic jam. I survived. Nice food and nice company.
Pics courtesy of Ms Z
Balik pun cuak as the place where I parked my car, the mall dah tutup all entrance, and I had to walk all the way to the end to reach the basement. Scary. Am glad Ms Z is kind enough to call me at that time. Peluh memercik everywhere :). Drove back and in Damansara, I almost got knocked by a 4WD as I swerved to the right lane to avoid another psycho-probably-drunk 4WD driver who appear trying to make decision whether to go B.angsar or continue to D.amansara. Dah lama tak curse while driving (journey to my office now took only 5 minutes, nak nyanyi satu lagu pun tak abis :P). I could still remember the flash light of the 4WD behind me that night...syukur tak jadi apa2..

Two of my uncles in Perlis came to visit during the weekend, mama cooked a feast, Tiyah was in P.D... makcik penat tauuuu :P. The two budak botak also came. B seperti biasa, rajin melayan Adam... Adam tak nak kawan dgn aku sbb aku asyik buli dia :D.

What else, Friday ni kena gi U.PM kut for a visit. B ada office bowling tournament next week, am planning to take 1/2 day leave to watch him in P.yramid but macam dapat berita that on the same day, branches will be coming here for briefing *sigh*..why la must be on the same day. Do I choose work or hubby? Kena la choose work since I'm new kan? But hoping for a change of plan that will work out for us both..hihihih.

Until next update.


aisha said...

alaaa kak amy.. tak mencabar pun hapdet.. kata tarikh cun nyer.. hapdet mesti cun maa... hehehehe...

Amy said...

Sha - Saya sedang mengalami mental block..eheheh *hugs* thanks for still reading my craps. :D

Mas Rahim said...

aku ingat leh "abadikan" date 20082008 tuh heheh but apa nak wat..lum ada rezeki hahhhah try for next 20092009 lah hahhahah

U.Lee said...

Hi Amy, couldn't help smiling read your this interesting post.
My bahasa is jurassic but somehow I could understand and enjoyed reading.
I notice nowadays the Bahasa has a lot of short cut words, huh?
My isteri takut drive, also my Lincoln too big for her, macham 747 jumbo she says.

Anyway, you have safe and great weekend, best regards, Lee.

Amy said...

Kodeng - Hhehe, takpe date apa pun, yg penting hati mau sOOka. :)

U.Lee - Couldn't believe that you're still reading my crappy blog ehehe. Yela uncle, when I write my post, sometimes I tend to write like how i type my sms, all short forms je. Samala uncle, I cannot drive 4WD, and I'm not comfortable driving other people's car. I can only drive my own car, sister's car or hubby's car. My dad's car I pernah drove once. tu pun because it's on the highway, straight road. I don't think I can manage driving his car in my housing area :P U have a nice weekend too Uncle. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend with the lover :)