Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back to office

After spending 6 days away from the office, you can imagine how I looked like yesterday in the office. Muka gila stoned. But B was on off day, so he sent me to work, breakfast together, lunch together and picked me up at the end of the working day. So mood gembira datang balik and managed to catch up with work and prepare for this Friday's results meeting.

Training was so-so. I've attended better ones when I was in Ma.xis. Friday was good, we had a 2 hour lunch due to Friday prayers. What do you think I do when the KL branch is just 5 minutes walk from Jalan T.A.R? Window shopping lerr. Err, purchased 3 tudungs despite my intention to not spend unnecessarily, and in my defense, the 3 tudungs is quite necessary. Yeah, right. We even went up to Sogo, dan mata makin rambang, tapi tahannnn.

Weekend was spent in my room packing. Buang segala junks, I've been living in this house for the past 26 years and I sure have a lot of junks. I packed things that are seldom used, have to start somewhere kan? I got excited on Saturday packing things, then Sunday went again to the new house, this time Mama was around as I so need her consultation on renovating the kitchen. On the way sempat singgah this furniture shop, choosen few things, paid deposit and off to the new house. Feeling good. Got the quotation from this Apek and he said renovation can be completed within 2 weeks time, but there is this renovation permit issue *sigh* anyone working in MPSJ reading this blog? *fat chance* B is working this out with a friend of his, harap2 cepat la and we can start the work.

By Monday, I was getting bored with packing and didn't do much. Perhaps, I realized I had to go back to work on Tuesday and that kinda killed my mood..yeah excuses.

Till later, nak catch up another 5 minutes sleep. Let me enjoy my 'I can leave for work at 8.15am and still can reach office before 8.30am' moment while it lasts. Once pindah, I know I have to leave my house by 7am. Aaarghhhh.


Nomee said...

'living in this house for past 26 years'.... apa maksudnya tu? Tolak tahun gi overseas, kat PPP gitu ke?
(apesal aku sibuk tah!)

Amy said...

Nomee - Aku duduk Kelana Jaya dari umur 5 tawun 26 tawun la. Dari baby sampai 5 tahun, duduk Damansara. Bila masa lak gi overseas? Ko jgn bagi aku kenang saat2 melancholy tak dapek fly tu wehhhhhh..hehe

Anonymous said...

jangan bawak your junk pegi rumah baru ok.buang sebanyak mungkin dulu.. pastu ade mender2 yang kekadang rasa sentimental tapi in the end buat nyemak jek simpan tu pon buang..hahahhah.. take care babe..


Amy said...

Che Na - *hugs* heheh tu la, pening kepala aku tengok junks. Dah got rid 40%..ada lagi 60% dan ada gak yg sentimental tu..tapi kalau aku bawa gi rumah baru and then decide yg mende tu nyemak baru aku buang lagi kut haha. Denial, denial. Aku dah visit blog ko kelmarin kut tapi tak tinggal2 comment hehe

Z.Y. said...

babe, i think cina tu tipu ko lah. mana ada renovation permit utk renovate dapor? according to jim. if it's interior, takyah permit bagai. only if u are doing some exterior renovation in addition to the interior renovation, baru la kena permit, like tambah bilik ke apa ke. are u doing that?

Amy said...

Zied - Sebab extend dapur ke belakang and kena gak permit. M.PSJ very strict la. Takpe, Monday ni both my dad and hubby going to M.PSJ, rasanya ada cara lebih mudah. I'll let the men settle it, malas nak pikior :). Tapi dapur aku tak selawa dapur ko wehhh ehehhe *malu*