Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy anniversary Mama & Ayah

For the first time, I've forgotten that today is my parent's anniversary. Teruknya aku ni. Dari last month, I've been planning for the 18th April. Tah apsal the date 18th yg registered in my mind instead of 8th. Actually, since last month I've approached one of my colleagues and asked her to prepare cupcakes for the anniversary celebration and yesterday itself, I was reminding her that I want it to be delivered by 17th. Bukan main planning la..then this morning baru it struck me, 8th la, bukan 18th..aduihhhh.

Memang I have two major events going on the 18th tu at workplace, and I think that's why that date registered in my mind. Rasa nak kick myself je today. Called my colleague and begging her to prepare the cakes and she is sweet enough to agree for the cakes to be delivered by Friday. A bit late la tapi at least something. And Tiyah and me and Zul will be treating Mama and Ayah for dinner tomorrow.

So, Mama and Ayah, Happy 38th Anniversary. Happy 38th years of marriage, trust and love. Moga kekal ke akhir hayat, filled with more happiness and health. AMIN.


dillazag said...

you guys can celebrate on the 38th year + 10 days!

Happy 38th Anniversary , Mama and Ayah Amy!!!

Semoga bahgia ke akhir hayat...

Amy said...

Haha akak..rasa tak best sungguh bila silap haribulan ni..thanks for the wish anyway. Gonna bring them for dinner today :)

farahani said...

hai kak amyyyyyyyyy...busyy tau dia tadi.hik hik hik.nak ajak lunch tapinyer nampak macam bz bee.

my phone number dah bertukar.0193659084.

wah publish dalam blog kak amy tau.takpeeee.suke boleh i cari jodoh.

oh hope youre doing okay.

Amy said...

Farah - Tu busy betul2 tu, bukan dibuat2..was supposed to have another staff assisting me tadi tu tapi MC lak dia.. berasap rasa kepala hahaha. Ler u should have let me know le...was having lunch with hubby tadi depan KFC tu, join sekali pun takper. Hoihh, risiko sendiri eh publish phone number dlm ni, carik jodoh ye...tapi bukan ramai readers pun blog ni, heehe. Catch up with you later. Hopefully in June :P