Thursday, June 18, 2009

More than meet the eyes II

Busy la plak these past few days..

Am going off to Pahang tonight with hubby. Since mak dia balik dari Umrah early last week, we haven't met her yet. Nak balik last weekend aku ada convo plak. And kebetulan B punya last day of work was last Tuesday and sekarang dia tengah bersenang-lenang (read: pegi memancing, tengok rumah renovation, jadi supir Amy :P) sementara tunggu start keje baru this Monday. So, I took leave tomorrow so that we can leave tonight.

I'm sure by now Transformer's avid fans had got the news that you can already purchase the movie tickets over the counter. Online booking katanya hanya dibuka 2 days before movie day. I got the news from my friend yesterday evening after work but malas la nak harungi jam ke C.ineleisure tu semata2 kan. Baca online kata C.ineleisure je start bukak semalam, G.SC and T.GV today. So knowing that B is not working, I suggested him it would be better for him to purchase today morning, sure queue tak panjang sebab org keje. True enough, he left home at 10am, and by 10.40am had called me (eagerly) to tell that he got the tickets for 23rd June night. Boys! *rolling eyes* heheh, but if he's happy, I'm happy la.

Ok la, tu je la short update aku. Have a nice weekend and would like to wish Happy Father's Day, I think the only fathers reading this are Azlan and Azrul. Heheh. Moga menjadi bapa yang gemilang dan terbilang! :)


dillazag said...

Wah! Sudah dapat tiket ya? Jeles, ni.. jeles..
I'll try and get ours soon.. :)~~
Happy balik kampung, ya!

aisha said...

alaa.. nape tak ckp..if tak leh suh abg zul beli kan skali..leh la kita double date.. hehehe.. nak tgk gak..

Amy said...

Kak Dills - AMbik la tickets 23rd June, bleh jumpa hihih

Aisha - Huhu tak time la kita bleh double date. You're getting engaged in July kan? Bila tu?