Friday, July 03, 2009

Trying to stay positive

Trying very hard that is.. B is facing quite a dilemma in his rumah-tak-siap-tapi-kena-bayar-or-else -bankrupt situation. Please la dengar cakap aku ni, kalau any of you intend nak beli rumah, PLEASE beli rumah yg dah siap. Belajar la dari what I and hubby went through with our own experience. At least in my case, siap jugak akhirnya setelah so long waiting for it (that explains why I'm so jakun about this new house of mine, walaupun hanya sekangkang semut).. tapi B punya case memang langsung takde apa..imagine how many other buyers.

*taking a deep breath* Keep telling myself this is one of the many dugaan we have to go through. Sakit pun lalu jugak. Susah senang bersama, ye dak?

Been meaning to post about my outing with Sandra and Laila last weekend. Today tak bawa keje balik rumah, maknanya keje dah siap *yeay* tapi tu la, bila dah ada masa nak blogging, I fell asleep plak..ironic. So, I made plan to meet Laila before she goes off to Australia to further her studies, and ajak Sandra and Rosnah but Rosnah could not make it. So, it was just the 3 of us with Sandra's adorable daughter, Anne. We had lunch at B.ubba Gump in Pyramid. Sangat sedap and I lurve the deco. Tengah planning to take hubby there..nanti bila dah selesai pindah-pindah ni ye sayang?

Laila had to leave after lunch. And Sandra pun menemankan aku berangan2 masuk household shops.. seronok betul berangan sambil duduk kat sofa H.arvey Norman yg empuk (harga sampai 9K!) haha. Last2 sambung berangan sambil makan donut kat J.Co..where else? :) I had a great time Sand..thanks teman aku berangan.

This weekend, had a full schedule planned. Saturday morning di rumah baru, pasang apa2 yg patut, afternoon ada birthday party, hopefully a small reunion of my Uni roommates, sans Sandra who will be heading back to JB. Nanti aku tangkap gambo banyak2 Sand and post in FB. Hihi. And my SIL will be coming with my two favorite boys late evening. Sunday plak planning for house decoration shopping sessions (walaupun previous post kata dah pokai!) with Mama, my sis, my favorite Aunty and my cousin's wife in A.mpang Point area. Pergh, penuh dan padat!

I better get to sleep. Am attending a course in the morning at KL branch. Have a great weekend!


Cosmic_GurL said...

Will keep that in mind, Amy...Mmg ada niat nak beli rumah but so expensive la now..nak beli apartment plak many ppl cakap tak berbaloi..sigh...

Amy said...

Sherrie - Yer...tolong la dengar cakap saya. Completed houses maybe more expensive, but it's worth buying without worrying about siap ke tak, and whatever craps. Saves a lot of headaches I tell you!

Anonymous said...

yes...thats what i told my sisters n cousins..unless u r really confident with the developer - hiemash

Amy said...

Hiemash - Tu ah pasal.