Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Post # 351

Had ex-office colleagues coming over to beraya last Saturday and they brought a housewarming gift, a nice blender yg aku request :P. Thanks korang!! Tak ambik gambar pun time tu. Then at night, attended a wedding with Ayah, B, bro and sis in law. Mama had to attend another wedding in Perlis and Tiyah attended one of her friend's wedding. Memang musim kahwin bila Syawal ni kan? Met my other second cousins there yg dah bertahun2 tak jumpa. And of course, we exchanged our FB ID :)

I've had some friends coming over on Sunday for beraya. Most of them yg aku tak invite/tak dpt dtg masa aku buat small housewarming during Ramadhan. It was fun, aku goreng sardin roll hangit pun diaorg belasah gak makan :P. Linda's daughter, Nurin was sooo manja she hugged me many times :P and kelakar pun ada tengok anak Myza, Danish inspecting my whole house and rooms and even took pictures. Ada bakat nak jadi cam bapa dia :P.
B's office colleagues came at night. Was actually having sore throat since morning, berjangkit dari B yg kena since Friday and that Sunday night lepas kawan2 dia balik, aku dah rasa tak sedap badan, went to the clinic and since my temperature is 37, doc advised that I take an MC and rest on Monday. Well needed rest I must say although tak la dapat rest fully sbb rumah sebelah ni tengah renovate and it was drilling sound the whole day *sigh*

Went for a day working trip to Malacca branch yesterday and prayed hard that I'll make it in time before cousing Afiqah's flight to Egypt. She's pursuing Medic for 6 years there. Am so happy for her. Us cousins had collected money and bought an album from her favorite shop and filled it with old pictures of our clan/family, just as per her request so that hopefully she will bring our 'spirit' with her in her studies. All the best Fiqah! I know you can do it! And of course us the crazy cousins had a camwhore moment tak hengat punya. I was so hungry but because Zul and me were the last to arrive, we decided to hold our dinner sampai Fiqah masuk hall. So after that, berjanji2 dgn my mom and my other two aunties to have makan2 session at the Dengkil rest area. Sessi makan dan bergelak2.

Zul and me left early (it was already 11.45pm then!) as Zul need to take his car in my KJ house before we can head home. My two cousins are already making plans to lepak in my BJ house this Sunday, one demanding my cream caramel and another one demanding my fruit cocktail pudding. My sis will be joining this tea session nanti (dia kan tukang buat nescafe :P).

So my weekend is practically full with open houses on Saturday and lepak session on Sunday. Will be going to IKE.A tomorrow with Mama, sis, Aunty and cousins. Bliss!